Our business with domains

But this story does not end with the RF domain, moreover, opened the registration process are still a number specific to domestic business nuances. RF domain registration took place in stages. This was due to combat cybersquatting domains to fall into the right hands legitimate owners, not dealers. Therefore, during the pre-registration of the RF domain it could get the owners of trademarks registered in the Cyrillic alphabet. Then there was the so-called priority registration for the same trademark without the Cyrillic alphabet, the media, non-profit organizations, owners of brand names, etc.

June 2010 Habré on this occasion there is a great article about .RF and successes to combat cybersquatting, where afford to spend a couple of points.

Firstly, the “right people” very well able to register their trademarks interesting. In particular company “Center of effective technologies and information systems” CETIS domains were registered trademark, such as sex, hosting, dream interpretation, leisure, plumbing, Ruble, poker, mortgage, house, striptease and others.
And as the goods and services featured quite distanced thing as “handbags” for the first and “brandy; wine “, etc. for the second. Registrar of the first domain REG.RU, which is very closely linked with that same CETIS not only the development of the site registrar, but also because (as Vedomosti) have co-owner of “CETIS” and head Reg.ru, according to SPARK-Interfax, the same surname. By the way, CETIS decorated domains regtaym.su, naunet.su, vebneyms.su.

But this is only the flowers!

Through Ru-Center registered domains: malysh.rf, mir.rf, mechta.rf, profi.rf, malyutka.rf, tigr.rf, druzhok.rf, marina.rf, aysberg.rf, uyut.rf, otkrytie.rf , nostalgiya.rf, rossiyanka.rf, svidanie.rf, superzvezda.rf, zolushka.rf etc.
The owner of the domain Association «MIR» – «Business Association of Afghanistan Veterans WORLD» (adsva-mir.ru). What does the association has data Trademark? Those interested can count the number of registered domains on this organization (1000?).

Technical delirium in domain business

In principle, I do not have much experience in the domain business, so I will not speculate here, let’s see how it all happens. But now there is a lot of questions to the blast zone of the Russian Federation, which once before anybody especially did not apply. If you look at the technical side of the problem, then there is, of course, not everything went smoothly. Of course, as a plug-in to the domain .ru no need to install, but not all are ready for advanced services of the Russian Federation.
At this rate we will soon come up with all your Internet, which is already there. But at the moment Standards everything that is written to @ should not be in Cyrillic, and most importantly it is convenient for you!

With almost all the devils out there that’s going, here’s an article on the topic – research development department registrar R01 on “RF domain.” There have been a test of two items – sending mail to the address with Cyrillic domain (mailtest@пример.испытание) and the same address when specifying a punycode (mailtest@xn--e1afmkfd.xn--80akhbyknj4f).
That is only Yandex “fix” from May and works correctly in both cases, for everyone else, except Gmail (where all in vain), have to remember this “easy» punycode.

The examples do not need to go far. Suppose the situation with advertising on the radio, when often dictate the address of the site, you get something like “come on www.vasya.rf.” Will have to necessarily say they say Well you see the print on everything except the Russian www. In many ways, it is also a force of habit, I think, 95% heard of Internet address is printed in Latin, will now have to retrain. And by the way, there is a super cool domains kom.rf, org.rf and net.rf
And there neponyatnki-indexed, robots.txt. What can I say about the other online services or projects that are associated with domains. All this can be corrected cosmetic and visually pleasing interface, but it seems to me this would be not so easy, and not all of these will do. The next step in the direction of “local Internet”, from which it was no use.